A Wishing Star is the perfect gift for someone you care for or to delight yourself.

A Wishing Star is an endless galaxy... a whole universe of wishes just for you.

It is a subliminal suggestion to forever believe, wish, dream, hope, and never ever stop.

Every time you see your Wishing Star, the choice is yours; cast a new wish, a re-wish, or set an intention formed by your heart and mind, a Sankalpa.

I've experienced giving the gift of wishing to be magical. I've gone to a dinner party and asked the hostess to close her eyes and open her hands. I placed the star in her hands and watched her relish; making her wish intentionally. When she opened her eyes she was charmed to see a star that will always remind her of that wish. Another experience was with a friend celebrating his 50th birthday. After he opened his eyes I told him he could have as many wishes as he liked... he responded with "This is the best gift I have ever received".

As I was dreaming of how to share a priceless gift of wishing, I was sitting alone at Muchalat Lake watching the moon rise. The sky started popping out all these glimmering stars, a gazillion of them. It was fascinating as I believed the Universe was encouraging me to believe in my concept of a small gift that encourages hope. Then, the biggest shooting star I have ever seen streaked across the sky.

There is something very special in believing in our wishes.
It makes me smile... from my very core.


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Wishing Stars

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